Recipes Editable & Printable OVER 210 RECIPE Cards

Recipes  Editable & Printable OVER 210 RECIPE Cards

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Included: PDF, 58 Pages

These recipe cards can be found here GREATIf you’re teaching cooking, measuring, sequence, or culture classes If you are just a keen cookYou can find it here! Recipes are great for comprehension and technical reading, but they’re also perfect for recipes. I love recipes just as a hobby.

Here are my 200+ favorite recipes: easy and crockpot recipes; all my favourites. This is the best part! GrowingYou can edit your recipe collection! The cards are 3×5 inches and can be used to fill a recipe book.

I’ve tried and loved these recipes over the years. They have inspired me to make changes and take notes. My 12-year old son complimented with, “Mom, can you make sure I have all of your recipes before you die?”

This lovely, but odd request prompted me to start typing my recipes.

Because I live half-a-country from my older son, I made a gift for him this Christmas: a cookbook.

The task was more challenging than you might think.

I typed, printed, laminated, AND inserted recipes into a recipe book (bought at Michael’s with my 40% off coupon: Score!I.

Bonus: I also have all my scattered recipes laminated and well-organized.

Additional Bonus: With a click, they can be assembled for me next child.

You can get them at my shop for gourmands just like you.

These recipes can be edited. Some people may not enjoy onions. You may not want the name “Jack’s Potato Soup.” I almost neutralized them, but decided against it. Feel free to click, cut, and “fix” to your liking.

You can use them in another manner. You can print and laminate them, then stack the sheets, tie it with a ribbon, for an excellent TEACHER’S GIFT. It’s inexpensive, easy, and will be treasured!

Recipe cards are:

  • –Spinach- Stuffing Bites
  • The BEST Chicken Salad
  • –Chinese Chicken Salad
  • –Chicken Wreath
  • –Chase Pasta Bake
  • –Sausage Surprise
  • –Oreo Balls
  • –Avalanche Cookies
  • –Braden’s Broccoli Casserole
  • –Rose’s Microwaved Scalloped Potatoes
  • Macaroni Slow Cooker
  • –Chocolate Chip Fluff

And There are many moreIt’s possible!

PowerPoint was used for this project. This product is meant to be printed, not viewed. Just print it and then clip.

Many thanks!

Enjoy your meals!

Now, Home Economics can also be called Domestic Science or Domestic Economy.

These are amazing!
Many thanks!

Great gift! Perfect for both my son’s teacher and me.
We are grateful!


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