Recorder Resource: BAG Bonanza- 20 Page No-Prep worksheets!!

Recorder Resource: BAG Bonanza- 20 Page No-Prep worksheets!!

It can be used to make 3rd – 5th
This is mainly used for 4th-grade students.

Included: 20 Pages PDF

You want to teach your children how to read and write BAG records on staff so they can practice. You have come to the right place! The 20-page, printable set has no prep is yours! This is a great resource for separating your practice of B, A, or G.

It was time for my kids to practice reading the notes on the Treble Clef. I also wanted it to be tied in with their recorder fingering charts. These are perfect for extra practice or differentiation. These have also been used as sub-plans and my kids ask for more.

To see all the activities, please download the preview!

Here’s a link to this article:

  • Colour the BAGS of the StaffStudents color-code fingering charts B, A and G.
  • BAG Finger FlurryLabel and Notate Notes – This activity will help students identify the fingerning of the recorder.
  • BAG Note Decoder 1Learn how to color fingerings and identify notes on the Staff. Uses Quarter Notes.
  • BAG Note Decoder 2Learn how to color fingerings and identify notes on the desk. You can use whole notes.
  • BAG Note Decoder #3Learn how to color fingerings and identify the notes on the staff. It uses a mix of quarter, half, and whole notes.
  • BAG Note ExpanderLearn how to identify color and notate in fingers for notes given.
  • You can color the BAGSStudents shade at the right pitch to each recorder.
  • The Color of the Staff BagsStudents shade in the proper pitch for each recorder fingers.
  • BAG Color the Staff RhythmStudents must shade at the appropriate pitch for each instrument. You can use many rhythmic notes to answer the questions.
  • BAG is a tool for compositionStudents create their own melodies using B, A and G. Then they shade with fingerings.
  • BAG NotespellerThe staff can be identified and identified by students.
  • BAG Notespeller 2– The students will use a variety rhythmic notation to locate notes on the desk.
  • BAG Fingering Chart The students will make their fingering charts for A, B, and G.
  • Recorder Flower Color by students using a recorder fingering sheet.
  • Recorder Flower 2 Students color using a note.
  • BAG PuzzleStudents will make BAG puzzle pieces from scrap material and glue them together. Each puzzle piece represents one pitch in a unique way.
  • BAG Puzzle 2– Similar to Puzzle 1 but with more pieces.
  • BAG Hidden PictureStudents color each note in order to discover the hidden picture.

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