Renaissance One Pager Outline Notes and Fill-in-the-blank Graphic Organizer

Renaissance One Pager Outline Notes and Fill-in-the-blank Graphic Organizer

It can be used to help 5th-8th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 3 Pages

You can use this page as a quick reference for the Renaissance in Italy. It also works well with PowerPoint and the Renaissance Worksheet. You can print the notes page to learn more about the reasons behind the fall of feudalism and rise of Renaissance. This page is richly illustrated with artwork, and highlights the significance of patrons such as the Medici family of Florence.

The product is also available in a Google Ready graphic organizer that can be filled out for Google Classroom. The text boxes can be used by students!


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It’s a great introduction to Renaissance.

This is a fantastic way to rapidly introduce and recap the topic.


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