Renaissance PowerPoint Notes with Worksheet or Graphic Organizer

Renaissance PowerPoint Notes with Worksheet or Graphic Organizer

This can be used by 5th through 9th grade students.

Included: PDF, 22 Pages

Recently, the PowerPoint was updated to incorporate check-for-understanding questions. Click to display the correct answers. PowerPoint and handout detail Europe’s decline in feudalism and its rise to the Renaissance. They also cover all the important points that students from the Middle and Late Elementary Schools need to know.

The Renaissance PowerPoint can be used with this worksheet or with the Renaissance One Pager Fill-In-The-Blank NotesYou can find the worksheet here. After completing the notes, you can use this worksheet as an extension of homework.

You can also get this product in the Google Ready Fill-able Graphic Organizer version for Google Classroom. The text boxes can be used by students!


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Tony Pavlovich, Instructomania Florence Italy

It was great to check for understanding. This lesson was a hit with my students.

It was great to check for understanding. This lesson was a hit with my students.


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