Rhythm Basketball – Vol 1 Fun music activity 4/5 Lesson Plan – Rhythm Practice

Rhythm Basketball - Vol 1 Fun music activity 4/5 Lesson Plan - Rhythm Practice

It can be used to make 4th through 6th grade
This is a great tool for 4th- and 5th grade students.

Included PDF. 31 Pages

You are looking for something different and more fun to help you learn how to read rhythms. Rhythm Basketball lets you bounce to the beat with a variety of basketballs. You will need enough tennis balls, basketballs or any other non-pitched instrument to bounce. The slides can be used to create rhythms using your favourite songs. These fun pop plays are great for teaching half-note, whole, quarter, eighth, and fifth note. We can also discuss measure and double-bar line. It’s a wonderful way for your children to learn rhythm reading!

You will find the Rhythm Basketball PowerPoint self-advancing PowerPoint.

  • Owl City: “Fireflies.”
  • Take me out to the ball game
  • Macy Gray’s “Beauty in the World”,
  • The Beatles – “Yellow Submarine”.

Check out these student performances!

You will also receive lesson plans to teach 4th through 5th grades using Georgia GPS standards and National Music Standards. These are printable and editable so you can tailor your lessons for each student.

Rehearsal versions of PowerPoint presentations that are not self-advance will be provided so you can practice with students the rhythm patterns before performing.

The audio files will not be sent to you (again, this would be illegal).However, I will direct you to where and how to buy the audio files from iTunes.

Here’s a screencast on attaching audio files to PowerPoint.

Page count doesn’t include PowerPoint files that are doubled for practice or lessons plans. In other words, you basically get two!


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These were great for buckets, as we do not have any basketballs. They would look great with basketballs, I’m sure!

Since we couldn’t do the usual musical, I chose to use Yellow Submarine’s basketball routine for our fifth grade music performance. Both my students as well as those watching our video were impressed by it. Plus, I now have the resources that will allow me to enjoy future events with my students.


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