Rhythm | Early Childhood activities | Physical Education | Virtual Classrooms

Rhythm | Early Childhood activities | Physical Education | Virtual Classrooms

Useful for Homeschooling, First – Sixth Grade
This is a common method of teaching 1st- and 2nd-year students.

Included: PDF

Virtual classes in Physical Education 20 – Is it possible? Slides by Google Format already designed Ready for you to customize with your Avatar You can customize your Google Slide or Virtual Classroom. This guide includes directions for setting up a Google Slides virtual classroom and links to insert and create your avatar. Google Slides with all links included and some without the ties. This is editable. The links for adapting your Virtual Office are attached. You can download the document here EDITABLE TEMPLATE – READY FOR USE

Updated on 2/19/2021

You can add your Bitmoji to personalize your presentation.

It’s a Google Slide Resource. This tool allows you, in your office, school, or classroom to make connections with students through Virtual Learning. These virtual classrooms are loved by students, parents, administrators, and staff. Make your Bitmoji, and personalize your presentation.

This includes:

For your school year, you can use the Physical Education Classroom.

These 17 Google Slides are related to P.E. Every Google Slide has hyperlinks that take you to the different lessons. This presentation has around 35 hyperlinks.

Some presentations have links.  The links to the physical education are all related.


  1. The Kindness Room 
  2. Ages 3-5 Early Childhood Activities
  3. Rhythm & Move 3-5
  4. Physical Education, K-12
  5. Physical activity
  6. Apps
  7. Additional backgrounds available
  8. Three Christmas rooms
  9. 1 Valentine’s Day Room
  10. Three additional Christmas rooms (These are the regular classes).

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