Rhythm Flashcard Kit: ta titi

Can be used for K – 8th
Mostly used with 2nd and 3rd students.

Includes: PDF,


This PDF contains 32 flashcards for ta titi rhythms only, both in stick notation and standard notation with note heads.

SO many uses for this kit! Great for K/1st Grade. My husband also uses these with his beginning 6th grade band!

Print, laminate and cut for long term classroom use. You could print on white or color by concept!

I make at least 4 sets so that I can use to show rhythm of a whole song on board. Often time, patterns repeat, so its nice to make more than one set.

These also fit nicely in large pocket charts.

This entire download is also available in my flashcard bundle:
Rhythm Flashcard Mega Set

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*Edited 6/22/13 – I have taken out the dashed line in the uploaded file since it was not exactly centered. The dashed line still appears in my thumbnail pictures so that you can see how they should be cut across the middle.

Ready to use! Thank you!

These cards are perfect for rhythm review games. We use them most often in my music class to play the Poison Rhythm game!


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