Rock & Roll Bucket Drumming ~MINI~ Rhythm Studies

Rock & Roll Bucket Drumming ~MINI~ Rhythm Studies

It can be used to help 4th-12th-grade students.

This includes: 100+ PDFs


MP4 Video Files – Rhythm Notation Read Along Activities to Rock & Roll Music

PDF FIle – Color & Ink-Friendly Printables for each 7 Country Pieces

Pdf Files – 50 Bucket drum Worksheets

PDF Files: 30 Bucket Drum Exit Tickets

MP3 files – Audio tracks of metronomes 55 to 125 BPS

This is a giant Rock & Roll Bucket Drum Curriculum with 7 Bucket Drum Backing Tracks, along with light up rhythms for students to read as they listen & play along toYou can view the video here. To view the videos, you will need to have internet access. Each Rock & Roll Backing Track includes a Color & Ink-Friendly Printout of the rhythms in that piece. These can be used for class assignments, homework, rehearsal, practice, or for students with visual impairments.

For practicing each piece, the Color Version may be used during class. Before you attempt to play each backing track video, it is a good idea to go through the entire piece step by step. Students should be able to master the rhythms prior to their first attempt.

Also included in this resource is Brochures for the 50-pound DrumAnd Tickets for 30 Bucket drum Exit This Backing Track Video will help you supplement your lessons and to engage your students. Concepts in Worksheets & Exit Tickets reinforce the concepts that must be learned to faithfully execute the rhythms in the backing tracks.


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This is a great site that covers all things related to Bucket Drumming. Many thanks.

It was very enjoyable for my students.


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