Rocks and Minerals Lapbook & Passages | Rocks and Minerals Activity | Geology

Rocks and Minerals Lapbook & Passages | Rocks and Minerals Activity | Geology

Useful for the 2nd and 4th
Most commonly used by 3rd or 4th grade students.

Included: PDF, 46 Pages

This kit contains the rocks and minerals lapbook INFORMATIONAL PAGES TEN BOOKS about geology, types of rocks, rock cycle, layers of the Earth, Mohs scale of hardness, and mineral identification/testing, PlusYou can use black line masters or photo illustrations to create a lapbook of rocks and minerals with your students. Included are: Mini-posters with full color illustrations of rock layers and other types of rocksThat match the pictures in these passages. You can use these resources as a complement to your own rock or mineral unit.

The following interactive parts are included in this lapbook kit:

1. 1.

2. Different types of rocks (igneous and sedimentary),

3. Interlocking pieces of rock and mineral with cut-and paste definitions

4. 4.Rock cycle visual using cut and paste

5. 5.The flap can be lifted by the layers of the Earth (crust, mantle and outer core).

6. With 17 cards, the rock and mineral vocabulary box contains vocabulary for rocks and minerals

7. Flip flap Book on the Properties of Minerals (streak color and hardness; feel, smell, texture, luster, magnetism. shape).

8. Mohs Scale for Hardness Insert

9. 9.

Now available in Spanish, this lapbook! To see it in Spanish, click here

Spanish Rocks & Minerals Lapbook

The best way to motivate and engage students in learning is with lapbooks. Lapbooks are a great way to store everything, rather than sending back lots of papers. You can use the entire lapbook as a study guide to prepare for your unit test.

Now, this product is a part of an Bundle! It can be downloaded individually or as part of a bundle. Interactive Science Kit BUNDLE!

Are you unsure about lapbooks? Watch this YouTube video to find out why I love lapbooks and how I use them in my own classroom.

Thank you for considering my Rocks and Minerals Lapbook Interactive Kit.

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Once again students loved putting this together just like the simple machine one. I truly believe the information stays with the students after they make/put this together. They got excited to take it home and explain everything they had learned. We love resources from you and will continue purchasing. Once again I feel like this will be kept in their keepsake box and will be looked back on in the years to come.

This was a fun unit but was a lot of prep (cutting) on my part. However, my students were definitely engaged and could present what they learned with others.


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