Roll and Draw! – Ancient Greek Vases – with video for distance learning!

Roll and Draw! - Ancient Greek Vases - with video for distance learning!

Can be used for 1st – 7th
Mostly used with 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 2 pages

“Roll a Greek Vase!” Learn art history the fun way All you have to do is send out the roll&draw chart, info sheets (pdf or jpg) and the video link to your students! You can see the preview video!

Art sub friendly art game: roll and draw! – visual art worksheet – suitable for distance learning – the art projects can be done by students individually

The game is played with a dice. Students roll the dice to paint the correct part of the Greek vase. I use this activity to introduce my students to the ancient Greek pottery. With this game, students can make several Greek vase designs.

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This worked well with my students both hybrid and remote. Clear, step-by-step instructions balance students’ creativity.

This was a great activity for students who don’t feel like they have the creative spark to do it. This guide provided a starting point for students who were unsure how to interpret the resources. It was great!


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