Roll and Draw! – Cave Paintings – with video for distance learning!

Roll and Draw! - Cave Paintings - with video for distance learning!

Can be used for K – 8th, Homeschool
Mostly used with 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 3 pages

“Roll a Cave Painting!” Fun way to learn about Art History!

This art project is suitable for distance learning. Individual students can complete it.

You just need to send the worksheet and link. Check out the preview video!

The game is played with a dice. The students will roll the dice and then paint the cave. This is how I introduce prehistoric art to my students.

It takes very little prep. This lesson will provide step-by-step instructions and a roll-and draw chart. The instructions can be printed or projected.

You will need: soft pastels, brown packaging paper, fixative spray

(you can also use oil pastels or colored pencils on normal paper)

Take a look at the preview!

This project will be a hit with your students!

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Easy to use and fun for students to follow and draw. Used this resource after my students finished our class novel “The Boy of the Painted Cave”.

We appreciate the video. This video was a great help to visual learners like the students. Every cave drawing turned out amazing!


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