Roy Lichtenstein Art History Workbook – Pop Art – Art History Artist Biographies

Roy Lichtenstein Art History Workbook - Pop Art - Art History Artist Biographies

It can be used by Homeschool and 4th-8th grade students.

Includes PDF and 28 pages

This booklet teaches students about the artist as well as pop art. Then students are asked to color an artist’s work using four common features of his artwork: Benday Dots. Horizontal Lines. Primary Colors. Black outlines. The knowledge gained can be used to help students create art using this information, starting with abstract pieces and ending up with their favorite comic strip frames.

You can find the online condensed version here. Roy Lichtenstein Distance Learning Website

18 Worksheets are included (See Preview File).

  • The 1967 poster by the artist, Stedelijk Museum.
  • Information sheet about the artist with some examples
  • Instruction sheet
  • Further resources and links to videos.
  • Four coloring sheets in the Lichtenstein style in black outline with color/line guide.
  • Blank caption on coloring sheet
  • Color sheet of abstract art
  • Create your own Lichtenstein inspired abstract artwork.
  • Refer to Comic Cover “Run for Love”, and “Drowning girl”
  • Comparing/Contrast the cover and painting worksheet
  • Re-defining the comic frame worksheet using reflection
  • Illustration and Prompt for Exclamation Artwork
  • Presentation of the artist, and his works


  • Compare/Contrast Key
  • Re-defined comic frame worksheet with reflection Key, example

Useful ways to teach in the classroom

  1. This is a brief introduction to the work of a well-known artist.
  2. Students create their own Tree of Life art using worksheets.
  3. Support other skills like: Drawing and creating art with meaning.
  4. For quick substitute lessons or early finishing work.

Not all color sheets can be printed in color. There are other ways to provide color reference to students. Students can either project this example with a document cam or look it up on a smartphone or chromebook.

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Art History Student Workbook (205 Page)

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It was a great unit, and the students enjoyed it. Their engagement was high and they were motivated. They found the step-by-step explanations very helpful.

This resource saved me a lot of time in preparation and research when I was teaching Classical Conversations. I am grateful for your help!


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