Science and Art History: Matisse’s Window on the Clouds

Science and Art History: Matisse's Window on the Clouds

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers, 1st-4th grades.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

You are looking for a fun lesson on Earth Sciences that is focused on weather and clouds, but not too boring? Matisse’s Window on the Clouds is a great choice. This Science based art lesson ties in the beauty and variety of cloud formations along with art history based on Matisse’s window paintings. A second project, which creates stunning clouds sure to please your students is also included. Although these projects are for grades 1 through 4, they can be enjoyed by anyone.

This digital lesson plan includes:

Full-color tutorials for photo editing.

Matisse background information

Matisse timeline

Supply needed

Vocabulary words and learning goals

Student gallery

Learning science outcomes

Handout: Reproducible Cloud type handout

Reproducible Cloud Formation handout

Vocab cards

Statements of I Can

National Standards

How to Make Painted Paper

Reproducible Artist Statement

11.5″ x 17.5″ poster

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They came out stunning!

It’s a great resource. This tool is very easy to use. It’s also great for kids.


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