Science Readers’ Theater about Rock Cycle and Rock Types

It can be used to teach 3rd – 6th grades.

Includes: PDF,


My experience with elementary school students has taught me that there’s never enough time to read or do science. The lesson incorporates science content in a way that students can practice reading fluency. The lesson includes science vocabulary regarding the rock cycle as well the main three types of rocks (sedimentary igneous and metamorphic), and also challenges students to understand everyday words. This TV informational script for rocks is designed as an infomercial on television. The goal of the script’s format is to convince the audience that it can be bought now. You will find two scripts for four students as well as one for five students.

Science Readers Theatre Rock Cycle C. ColleyIt is licensed under the following: Creative Commons Attribution – NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


This is super entertaining!


Drama · Earth Sciences · Reading

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