Science with Apples

Science with Apples

It can be used by K-through-3rd grade students.

Included: PDF, 60 Pages

This unit includes 4 lessons, vocabulary cards, worksheets and comprehension questions for Apple books.You can find it here!

Max is my son and teaches Johnny Appleseed to me.

These objectives are covered

The environment can have an impact on the characteristics of some living organisms.

It is easy to see the many traits of offspring from living organisms.

I am able to observe the diversity among people in a community.

The stages of the life cycle can be explained to me.

I have the ability to measure length and weight with suitable tools.

You can see how the properties can be changed when substances are mixed, heated or cooled.

To discover the properties of objects, I use all five senses.

I am able to name all five senses.

It is easy for me to express what my senses are saying.

Apple Books:

“Apples Grow on a Tree (How Fruits and Vegetables Grow)” By Mari Schuh

“Apples” By Melvin & Gilda Berger

“A Day at the Apple Orchard” By Megan Faulkner & Adam Drawesky

“Apples” By Gail Gibbons

“Autumn is for Apples” By Michelle Knudsen

“Amazing Apples” By Jeff Bauer

“How Do Apples Grow?” By Betsy Maestro

“The Apple Pie Tree” By Zoe Hall

“We All Fall for Apples” By Emmi S. Herman

“Johnny Appleseed” By Patricia Demuth

“Johnny Appleseed” By Jane Kurtz

“Johnny Appleseed” By Madeline Olsen

“Johnny Appleseed Goes a Planting” By Patsy Jensen

“The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” By Gail Gibbons

You get this unit in your BIG SCIENCE BOUNDLE

Also included in the Science Mega Bundle

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These activities can be complemented with the back-to-school apple unit. I have used them with all of my students, and they were engaging and fun! Many thanks!

Wow! This unit is amazing! This purchase has so many wonderful activities! I love the lesson plans. I was able to give hands-on lessons to my students. Many thanks!


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