Second Grade Word Work Activities with Digital Option for Distance Learning

Second Grade Word Work Activities with Digital Option for Distance Learning

Can be used for 1st – 2nd, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 142 pages

This packet includes 30 weeks of Word Work for 2nd graders, now with the zero-prep EASEL by TpT Digital Option. Word Families are introduced in short stories, and reinforced daily in different activities.

These weekly activities include reading the story, identifying target word, writing sentences, putting target word in alphabetical order, identifying sound patterns and spelling patterns, and using target word in context. The format of the resource is familiarized and students can work independently.


***Please note that this resource includes a Printable PDF and an EASEL by TpT digital option.


Keep in mind that the Digital Activity is NOT a Google Drive resource, and must be used through the TpT platform. You will still be able to generate a link and assign it to your students through Google Classrooms, but you will not have access to it in your own Google Drive.***

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Get it in a bigger bundle.

Other unique features include:

– A number on the bottom right of each story box that indicates the number of target words used! It allows your students to check if they have found all of the words before they submit their work.

– You will have a list of words and more answers keys to help you plan every Word Work lesson. It will literally take a minute to have a list of target words at your finger tips!

Every week your students will:

• read a story,

• circle the words that belong to the week’s word families,

• sort the words according to their spelling pattern,

• create words applying the learned spelling pattern,

• write sentences with the target words,

• write words in alphabetical order.

☞☞ For a Free 2-week sample click here. ☜☜

☞☞ For a Free 2-week sample of 1st Grade Word Work click here. ☜☜

☞☞ For a Free 2-week sample of 3rd Grade Word Work click here. ☜☜


• Week 1 – Short Vowels Review

• Week 2 -a_e, a

• Week 3 -ai, -ay

• Week 4 -ee, -ea

• Week 5 -i_e, -igh

• Week 6 -ie, -y

• Week 7 -o, -ow (long o)

• Week 8 -o_e, -oa

• Week 9 -Review

• Week 10 – Blends (l, r)

• Week 11 – Blends (l, s)

• Week 12 – Digraphs (sh, wh)

• Week 13 – Digraphs (ch, ph)

• Week 14 – Digraphs (th)

• Week 15 – Review

• Week 16 -ar, -er

• Week 17 -ir, ur

• Week 18 -or, -ore

• Week 19 -ure, -air

• Week 20 – Review

• Week 21 -ow, -ou

• Week 22 -aw, -au

• Week 23 -oy, oi

• Week 24 -al, -le

• Week 25 – Review

• Week 26 -ew, -ue

• Week 27 -oo (book), -oo (tool)

• Week 28 -ough, -ought, high

• Week 29 -sion, -tion

• Week 30 – Review

☞☞ For a Free 2-week sample click here. ☜☜


After receiving so much positive feedback and seeing increasing demand for my Word Work Short Stories, I felt compelled to come up with other materials to support you as you establish a Word Work routine in your classroom.

I wanted you to have more resources to use in your Literacy Centers and in your Small Group lessons, and I wanted to give you a way to collect data and monitor your students’ progress throughout the year.

So now you have access to a ✔ collection of activities that go hand in hand with this file, flashcards with the target words for each week, plus a way to collect data and monitor progress.

I am also offering a packet with ✔ Assessments to use with this file.

I hope you feel confident enough to make Word Work part of your daily routine by having reliable materials with all the details.

If you’d like to see if these resources might add value to your set of tools, feel free to download a ✔ 2-Week sample and check it out.



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Generalize learned spelling patterns when writing words (e.g., cage -> badge; boy -> boil).


Use conventional spelling for words with common spelling patterns and for frequently occurring irregular words.


Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.


Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.


This resource includes a ready-to-use interactive activity students can complete on any device. You can use Easel by TPT for free! Find out more.


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