Self Portrait Directed Drawing Project! PERFECT for back to school!

Self Portrait Directed Drawing Project! PERFECT for back to school!

Can be used for PreK – 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 54 drawing paper options, 40 instructional slides


Looking for an ADORABLE project that’s awesome for the beginning or end of the school year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or just for fun anytime!? This is it! This is a great choice for memory books, gifts, and hallway displays. It’s just so cute… and EASY to make, for any age! This project is used in my classroom several times per annum. 🙂

This product is also part of a YEAR-LONG BUNDLE that includes 11 beautiful directed drawing projects! You can check it out by clicking here



This purchase includes 2 files:

✅ a set of 36 different, zero prep paper options (details below) and

✅ a gorgeous, full color show that guides everyone step-by-step through the drawing process. Clear explanations, detailed photos and tips for artists are all included. You can flip through this entire show one page at a while. It’s easy to teach!

UPDATED: Now includes even more diverse hair options & head coverings (which you can easily skip over if it doesn’t apply to your class)

Your students will be AMAZED with what they are capable of drawing! I love this project! It allows children to show off their talents and boosts their confidence as artists.

This project is easy enough for children aged 4-5 years old, and fun enough for everyone! I’ve used it with kids ages 4-11 and it was great! 🙂

Many teachers use this project SEVERAL times per year for different occasions: start of the year, mid-year conferences, and Mother’s Day are my personal favorites.


There are 22 papers for a single face.

One is blank (ideal for adding children’s name or ???)). and the others say:


✅Pre-Schooler or Pre-School

✅Transitional Kindergartener or Transitional Kindergarten

✅Kindergartener or Kindergarten

✅1st Grader or 1st Grade

✅2nd Grader or 2nd Grade

✅3rd Grader or 3rd Grade

✅4th Grader or 4th Grade

✅5th Grader or 5th Grade

✅6th Grader or 6th Grade



There are 14 options that include 2 faces… an adult and child sized (THIS is what you can use for Mother’s Day, etc). You can pick the font you prefer from a variety of fonts.

One is blank and the others say:


✅I love you, Mom.

✅I love you Dad.

✅You are my best friend!

✅Happy Mother’s Day

✅Happy Father’s Day


✅Mimi, I love and adore you!

✅Nana, I love you!

✅Grandma, I love you!

✅I love Grandpa!


✅Thank you so much!

Also available: NEW! Mother’s Day Directed Drawing The Mother’s Day show that includes a few more paper options and more slides designed to specifically walk students through the process of drawing TWO faces, rather than just one. While you can lead students to draw two faces using the current product, the Mother’s Day one makes it easier and more specific.

Buy the self portrait project you are looking at right now if you only want to draw one face. If you’re looking to do TWO faces, such as for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Grandparent’s Day or your student with their special someone, the Mother’s Day Directed drawing is probably better. I hope you find this helpful! 🙂



Happy teachers are saying:

❤️This is seriously one of the most amazing directed drawing files I have ever purchased. The directions and examples were great. This book is a must-have!

❤️”The children loved it. I love directed drawing activities and this one is perfect. It was so much fun!

❤️These were amazing! It’s amazing how the directed drawings can still be so personal. This is a great way to boost confidence in the children!

❤️This is a great idea. It’s easy to follow and has all the information you need. The project looks incredible.

❤️WOW! This is a great set-up! I love directed drawing and yours is perfect. I love the paper that you used to show students the starting positions.

❤️”I love directed drawing because I can fit them into my lesson. It allows the children to follow instructions and feels good about what they have created.



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LICENSING NOTE: This resource is licensed for a single teacher who teaches a typical one class per school year. This resource can be used online by one teacher who teaches a typical class per school year. You may not use this resource for profit in class on sites like Udemy, OutSchool or Open Tent Academy. It’s not allowed to use this resource to sell anything. Please ask if you have any questions. Thank you! 🙂

Made with ❤️by HOWYWOOD Kindergarten

Edited: The author fixed my concerns and made a new download available which I believe to be more inclusive. We appreciate your time and consideration.

It was very easy to follow, and I liked the way it was laid out. I thought many of my students were able to produce nice self-portraits, but I will not be using this again because of the issues it brought up in our class. Many slides bothered me and my students. They included the “Boys Only” and “Girls Only” slides. For example, the slide telling the boys to “put down their pencils” (since they didn’t have to draw since it’s assumed they don’t have long hair), and the slides giving instructions for the girls only because they do have long locks. There are boys with long hair and there are girls with shorter hair. It made it a bit icky for them to see this. My second grader said that it made her feel “not girly” about having shorter hair and that she likes being girly with short hair. It would be much easier and more inclusive to simply write “If your hair is short …”” or “If your hair is long …””. It would be simple to fix. This product cannot be used unless it is updated.

This is a fantastic resource! My kindergarten students were able draw beautiful portraits without any frustrations. Thank you!


Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail.


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