Self-Portraits (Mexican Art) 7 Open-Ended Printables, Art Lesson,Famous Artist

Self-Portraits (Mexican Art) 7 Open-Ended Printables, Art Lesson,Famous Artist

Can be used for K – 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 7 pages

You will download one ZIP FILE with a file of 8 jpgs and 8 pdfs.

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Art is…Self-Portraits (Mexican Artist) is an introduction to her art work and to drawing the face and full body portrait.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican self-portrait artist who lived in the 1900s and is best known for her self-portraits. Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist painter, was her husband. This packet is 7 pages about self-portraits and includes a mini research project about Frida Kahlo’s life in a booklet form.

Included are two activities for Back to School and End of the School year. Students can use the Guide to Facial Proportions to draw their Back to School portrait. At the end of the school year, they can draw their End of the Year portrait.

Keep everything in one packet/portfolio for handy reference.

And, I have added a one page, foldable booklet about Frida Kahlo. There is a page of simple directions for the teacher. Your students can do research online, read a book about Frida Kahlo, or research in the library. Or, you could also read them a book aloud about her life.

l. Self-Portraits p.1

2. Self-Portraits p. 2

3. Portraits (Includes Diego Rivera)

4. Facial Proportions

5. You, 2018 Back to School

6. You,____ End of Year

7. Frida Kahlo Research and Art Booklet (students can research online, read a book about Frida Kahlo, or do research in the library)

I taught k-5 ELL students. My worksheets are open-ended so my students can experience success in both art and English. If you have any questions, please contact me. And, If you are unfamiliar with Open-Ended art activities, please download my free “Open-Ended Art is…”

Some images may be copyrighted. They are used in accordance with Fair Use in Education. These images will expand the art students’ experience and knowledge of famous artists’ artwork and promote art appreciation. Encourage students to create their own work. These worksheets are only for classroom use. Most art teachers do not have contemporary examples of art resources, so these worksheets are to help introduce student to this artwork, which they normally wouldn’t be able to view.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this project by leaving me feedback. Direct any printing problems to TpT HELP on your top right menu.


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