September Visual Recipes

September Visual Recipes

It can be used by PreK-2nd grade students.

Included: PDF

The pack contains everything that you will need for implementing a group cooking session with all your communicators. This pack is all in black and white, so there’s no need to prepare anything.

These are super easy recipes that you will find in the pack

  1. Apple Pie
  2. Caramel Apples
  3. Applesauce
  4. Rice Krispies with Leaves

Each Recipe includes:

  1. Visually supported recipes
  2. Two levels of a cooking newsletter that you can send to your home. Each level includes fine motor, writing and comprehension.
  3. Extra writing practice is available for anyone who hasn’t finished the treatment yet or who was a little late.

You would like to know more about how to implement a cooking group?

My Homepage blogFor a full explanation, please click here

This is a great resource. I sent these to my families in September.

It’s a great way to involve clients/students in the kitchen. You can target a wide range of languages. For younger students, the images and recipes can be very useful.


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