Sewing Machine Diagram

Sewing Machine Diagram

This can be used as a 4th -12th, Higher Education or Adult Education for Homeschool Students.

Included: PDF, 3 Pages

Here is a graphically updated diagram showing the parts of a Bernina 1005 Model or 1008 Sewing Machine. It is an excellent teaching tool for demonstrating the components of a sewing machine. Use a photocopy so students can fill out the parts.

The diagram can be used to magnify and posted in your classroom.

Also, an answer key is provided.

If you need a digital copy of your specific machine, please contact us!

A perfect illustration for teaching sewing machine parts on a Bernina 1008.

Students really loved learning all about the inner workings of the sewing machine. The instructions were clear and concise. I am grateful.


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