SIGHT WORDS – Dot Marker Mystery Pictures BUNDLE

SIGHT WORDS - Dot Marker Mystery Pictures BUNDLE

It can be used as a homeschool, K- 1st or other educational purposes.
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and First-Grade students.

Included: PDF, 60 Pages

The bundle contains 60 pages that students can use to practice sight words in pre-primer and primer. ⭐To color the circles correctly and to create mystery images, students will be using dot markers (regular markers as well as crayons) ⭐This is a great idea for literacy centers! It could be used to…

They are amazing! I cannot wait to order the dots markers so that my students can get started! They have been something I had wanted to try for some time, but I was finally able to make the purchase.

It was a favourite of mine and my son. Many people have asked me to recommend this book. My child would go through the bundle to see which words he had already learned. These would be the words he would use to reinforce his sight word. The actual picture was amazing — they are difficult to find. There were about twenty of them hanging up on the wall.


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