Simple Self-Portrait Drawing Guide | Grades K-2

Simple Self-Portrait Drawing Guide | Grades K-2

It can be used by K-through-3rd grade students.

Included: PDF, N/A

It can be difficult to draw faces! This is especially true if you are 6 years old! This Simple Self Portrait Drawing Guide is a great alternative to letting your students draw themselves in stick figures. You’ll find that creating a portrait illustration using this simple visual is much easier than you think. Students in grades K-2 will love this visual because it is easy to follow, has a playful cartoon style and very little wording.


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It is hard to write negative feedback. However, I should have known that the resource only has 2 pages and no instruction. It was only $3.00. I would have expected that the resource contained more information as well as directions for the teacher. It would be an excellent resource, if the cost was lower for what it contains.

It would have been so much more helpful. You could include directions to at least 3 types of every facial feature (mouth and eyes, hair lines etc.).


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