Sketchbook Prompts inspired by Artists 2 Bundle:Middle and High School Art

Sketchbook Prompts inspired by Artists 2 Bundle:Middle and High School Art

This can be used by 6th-12th grade Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 26 pages

Artists 2 Bundle Sketchbook Prompts:Middle and Senior School Art

This resource focuses on the art of eight amazing artists and activities/sketchbook prompts that relate to their work. This group focuses mainly on Early Modern artists(Impressionism- Early Modern)The group of handouts outlines the work of the following artists:

1. Artist- Monet -Impressionism

2. Artist- Picasso- Cubism

3. Artist- Van Gogh- Post Impressionism

4. Artist -Georges Seurat- Post Impressionism

5. 5.

6. Surrealism – Artist Dali

7. Artist- Hannah Hoch- Dada

8. Artist-Louise Bourgeois- Contemporary

A powerpoint of 18 slides has been included that you can share with students.

For a weekly assignment in my sketchbook, I use this prompt to draw.

The artist is a wonderful starting point to art inspiration!You can find out more!

You can create an art journal that incorporates pieces from each of these works. Students can demonstrate how they understand the works and use them as inspiration for their own art.

You can use this resource to:

A Visual Art Class- This class will accompany the lessons about a range of art styles and movements. You can use the prompts in your sketchbook or as a bell ringer/Do it now!

Check this link for more sketchbook prompts.

Super Bundle of 65 prompts

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Thank you for taking the time to review my resource. These resources are proven to be useful in my classroom. I hope that they will make your teaching life easier.These are my favorite resources!

Use them only in your Google Classroom or classroom. Thank you!

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