S’mores Visual Recipe, Adapted Book and Worksheets for Special Education

S'mores Visual Recipe, Adapted Book and Worksheets for Special Education

It can be used by PreK-First students.

Includes PDF and 16 pages

This visual recipe will help you make s’mores at home in your microwave. Then, you can enjoy the process of creating a smore around a campfire using the adaptable book.

Visual recipe You will also find worksheets, a quiz and some questions (multiple levels available for readers as well non-readers). A visual shopping list is included so that students can shop for the ingredients they need.

The Adapted bookTwo levels are included in one volume.

  • You have many choices.
    • You Read – I Read Option: Top section reads by the staff, while the student is responsible for reading the plain text at bottom. This level is great for beginning readers/speakers/device users)
    • Niveau 1: For beginning readers, only the bottom sentences are read.
    • Level 2 Advanced readers can read the entire page.
  • Interactive pieces
    • Niveau 1:While reading, students match up the pictures from each page with the ending page.
    • Level 2 Take the photo from one page, and have students match the word to it on the other page.

Included are Worksheets

  • S’more journal
  • Please follow these directions
  • The Color and Count
  • Color and Graph
  • Large or small type
  • Dollar Over level 1 (color in exact amount)
  • Dollar Over level 2 (color in dollar over amount)

*NEW* Boom Cards added 2021

This digital activity includes a range of academic activities. It has a s’more theme which makes it ideal for reviewing or diffusing during whole-class activities.

7 cards, including:

Drag and Drop letters (copy an example).

-sorting s’more supplies (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows)

Chocolate sizes in different varieties

You can sequence roasting marshmallows until you make smores

Match the marshmallows

You can count the number of s’more items up to five (type your answer).

You can count the amount of s’more you have up to 10 times (type your answer).

  • Boom Cards are compatible with Google Classroom™, SeeSaw, and other similar online platforms that permit you to assign by URL.
  • You can use Boom Cards by You mustconnect to the Internet. Boom Cards work with modern browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. You can find apps available for Android and iPads.
  • Boom Learning accounts are required for adults to access and assign Boom Cards.
    • Register for a FREE account Students can engage with Boom Cards decks through Fast Play. You can play to get instant feedback on your Boom Cards decks. For students to use, you’ll need to generate a new link each 14 days.
    • Paid Account: For additional assignment options, including data collection, you’ll need a premium account. Students can create their own student logins, and you will have the ability to assign decks to students.
    • Try it FreeIncluded with the download: Boom Learning will offer a complimentary trial to our premium account for those who are brand new. Readhere for details: http://bit.ly/BoomTrial
  • Check out this demo of the Boom Card Desk HERE


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This resource is a great choice for me and my students. It’s a great book that can be adapted, a visually appealing recipe and many different activities to help students.

This s’mores book was a huge hit with my students! This book was a great resource for my students to learn about nature and camping this summer. They enjoyed the book and loved the recipe as well as the shopping list. They were able to prepare for s’mores class by reading the book and following the shopping list.


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