So You Think You Can (Teach the Elements of) Dance – Editions 1 & 2 Bundle

So You Think You Can (Teach the Elements of) Dance - Editions 1 & 2 Bundle

It can be used to teach 5th-8th grade, Homeschoolers.

Also available in PDF

High-interest and flexible units that can be used to teach dance like a pro

* Distance learning friendly – provide journal pages, links & instructions for independent study, or share videos via zoom with live teacher commentary

Teaching dance is difficult in schools because most of those who are asked for it do not have any prior experience.

This unit was created by a current teacher, who used to be a competitive dancer. It is designed so that teachers with no dance experience can still deliver a high-quality lesson and fulfill curriculum requirements. The unit uses YouTube videos as a source of many different types of dance. It then includes journalling and questioning guides to help students understand the material. You will need to be able to view the videos with your students using a projector or smartboard.

Each lesson features one of six elements of dancing and each style. Each lesson includes discussion questions and journaling worksheets. A link is provided to a YouTube video that shows a fundamental element of the style.

To make the lessons as accessible and as high interest to students as possible, I have used clips from the “So You Think You Can Dance” television show. As these videos display dance in a manner that is current and recognizable, it should help students to “buy in” more easily.


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