Solar System Lapbook & Passages | Planets | Outer Space

Solar System Lapbook & Passages | Planets | Outer Space

This can be used to homeschool 2nd through 4th grades
This is a common use for 3rd grade students.

Included: PDF, 52 Pages

The solar system lapbook includes 10 Informational PassagesPlus: Information about the sun and moon as well as planets Step by step directions and black line mastersUse it for creating a Solar System lapbook with your students. You can use it as a complement to your Solar System unit.

The following components are included in this lapbook kitThis is:

1. 10. Informational passages on the sun, moon and eight planets in color as well as a packet covering

2. Cover for lapbook with astronaut cover and the option to include student photo

3. Solar System vocabulary cards and pocket card

4. With self-checking planet ordering strip

5. Sun fact flip insert

6. 6.

7. Visuals for the phases of the moon wheel

8. Interlocking pieces with visuals can be rotated and rearranged

9. 9.

10. 10.

11. The Solar System Parts Folding Piece (includes images for the planets, star, asteroids and comets).

Printing single students is possible in a homeschool format.

The best way to motivate and engage students in learning is with lapbooks. Lapbooks are a great way to store everything, rather than sending back lots of papers. You can use the entire lapbook as a study guide to prepare for your unit test.

Now, this product is a part of an BOUNDLE You can download it separately or purchase it together. Interactive Science Kit BUNDLE!

Are you unsure about lapbooks? Watch this YouTube video to find out why I love lapbooks and how I use them in my own classroom.

Thank you for considering my Solar System Lapbook Interactive Kit.

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I absolutely love this!! I am using this for my homeschooled 7 year-old son who is fascinated with Astronomy. My daughter (age 10) saw his and wants to make a lap book, too! Not only is every element of this lap book extremely well-done, your explanations for assembly are so thorough. I am very impressed! Thank you for making this excellent resource available. I am eager to try out your other products.

I learned a lesson from previous lapbooks and printed everything at once. We spent a day gluing things in place, then filled them out. This prevented things from ending up in the wrong places and kept components from getting lost.


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