Solfege Hand Sign Posters- Polka Dot

Solfege Hand Sign Posters- Polka Dot

It can be used to teach 1st through 12th grades.

Included: PDF, 10 Pages

Are you looking for brightening up your classroom? This poster will brighten up your classroom with a vibrant splash of color. It also reinforces the hand signs associated with each solfege sound. These posters coordinate with the colors of boomwacker.

Each poster is included in the set:


*Note- I have included posters for both “so” and “sol”. Print only what you need!

Each poster has been included in a JPEG so you can use them in Google Slides, Google Classrooms, or Virtual Classrooms for distance learning.

You may use this set only for personal purposes. Do not sell this set. We appreciate your kind words! Your feedback brightens my day! For your comments to be shared, please click “ratings or comments”.

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Polka Dot Dynamic posters

This is adorable! This is a great resource.

It was bright, eye-catching and useful for my class! The posters were easily recognizable and remembered by students.


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