Spain: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

Spain: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

Can be used for K – 6th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 30 pages

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Spain. This slideshow is great for beginning a unit on Spain and Spanish artists. It can be printed and used as a guide for students’ research. You will also find 4 questions at the bottom of the slideshow that can be used to review the information students have learned.

This PDF file is not editable. You can edit this slideshow using the TPT EASEL software. For your students, I created a free EASEL activity that they can use to answer questions, highlight and circle important points, and write about the lessons they learned. It is included in this download.

This slideshow includes:

a map of Spain

types of landscapes seen in Spain

traditional clothing

popular foods: paella, chorizo, horchata, churros, gazpacho, olives

a few basic Spanish phrases to learn

major crops grown in Spain

interesting things to see: siestas, flamenco dancing, bull fighting, Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina tomato fight

famous tourist destinations: Sagrada Familia and the Alhambra

popular crafts: pottery and leather work

famous artists: Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudi

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Additional resources on Spanish artists:

Pablo Picasso- Blue Period Portrait Painting

Pablo Picasso Poster

Antoni Gaudi Poster

Thank you!

They found this product to be a good fit for their needs, basic facts about the country, while working in World Music themed classes last year. These were very easy to use and the students loved them.


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