Spanish class dance brain break baile viernes Google Slides 2021

Spanish class dance brain break baile viernes Google Slides 2021

This can be used to help students in Higher Education, 8th-12th grade.

Also includes: PDF and 22 pages

The NEW Baile Viernes For Spanish classes in 2021, dance music bell-ringers and brain breaks Your class will be kicked off with a bang, or give you the much-needed boost. Movement brainbreakIt can be used in all levels. This can be used at any level, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, and Middle School Explorery as an enjoyable classroom management method. It can be used on any day. “Baile viernes”, a favorite day for many students, is also a great option. You can use it. In person, virtually or hybrid

The product comes with an Google Slideshow editable with 22 bell ringersSpanish class with Just Dance and real people. You can edit it with Google Slideshow and embed videos. Every slide contains a link that will take you to the video. Please note, however, that YouTube is required to view the videos.

These can be used for a short 5 minute bell ringer, brain break or classroom management routine.

**Please make sure to preview all songs before using. These are the songs I personally would use in my school class. However, every school situation is different.


Dancing videos are great for active classes that require movement and breaks. You can make it a weekly class that starts on Friday. baile viernes, It can be used to provide a needed break or for movement during the day. If you are a teacher of a block schedule, it is even more important. You can also help build a positive community in your classroom.


You may be wondering how to get students in high school to learn dance moves. The teacher is the first and most important person to set an example. It is possible to make a big deal out of learning dance moves with your students. Some songs are difficult to learn and students may abandon it halfway through. This is fine & usually because it is too hard, so you can quickly change to their favorite by request. It has happened to me that some of my classes were less interested in dance than others. It is also a good way to start Fridays with a smile. This is particularly important for game days or before long weekend.


  • Every Friday, we dance and it’s a favorite activity of mine. They have also started to listen to Spanish music since the Spanish was such a wonderful introduction. Shannon L (9th Grade)
  • This Baile Viernes 21 resource was an excellent one. They loved looking at the many things they could find and learning more about each one. This gave a good introduction to the class and helped to break up the week. – Josh H (6th, 7th & 8th grade)
  • It was great for a Do-Now during asynchronous times. It’s great for brain breaks and I cannot wait to try it out in person! – Alejandrina B (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade)


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