Spring Directed Drawing Activities

Spring Directed Drawing Activities

Can be used for K – 3rd
Mostly used with Kindergarten and 1st students.

Includes: PDF, 11 pages

This pack contains six Springtime Directed Drawing Activities: 1. ladybug
2. butterfly
3. bumble bee
4. frog
5. flowers
6. caterpillar Doodle Bugs Teaching Blog Doodle Bugs Teaching Facebook Page

My class enjoys directed drawings and I enjoy getting a little help coming up with things to teach them to draw. I’m not an artist but the directions are easy to follow. It worked will in person and with distance learning.

These directed drawings were a huge success while we still remote learning and a fabulous way to have my littles follow directions. These became a game and we would draw part at a time and they would try and guess what we were drawing. I will definitely be incorporating more directed drawings now that we are back to in person learning. Thank you!


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