St George and the Dragon Unit

St George and the Dragon Unit

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers 2nd-7th grade.

PDF, 26 pages

With this unit, you can discover the joys of legends and art. St George the Dragon and St George the Lion will be your favorite legends!

Details about the St George and the Dragon Unit

Each step leads to the final production. This lesson is divided into four parts. There are worksheets that will help you describe a knight or a dragon. You also have a picture to draw and describe. A video of the same painting is included, as well as a story and some videos. You will have your students ready to make their own illustrations.

For your own convenience, a B&W version of the documents is also available.

Here’s how you can use this resource

You will find detailed notes for teachers in this packet that guide you through all four of the steps. Print the worksheets and choose the appropriate level for your students.

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