St. Patrick’s Day Activities: Leprechaun Trap & Hats (St. Patrick’s Day Crafts)

St. Patrick's Day Activities: Leprechaun Trap & Hats (St. Patrick's Day Crafts)

This can be used to teach K-1st and Homeschool.
This is mainly used for Kindergarten students.

Includes PDF and 5 activity pages

Your students will enjoy these fun St. Patrick’s Day activities! Students will make a leprechaun trap, write about how they would spend the day with a leprechaun and make a St. Patrick’s Day hat to wear. These activities are included:

  • Leprechaun Trap Craft:The students will design a trap for a leprechaun to capture it. The trap will be made by students using color, cutting and pasting pictures on a bag of paper. Take Note This activity requires 5 1/8” x 10 5/8” standard sized paper lunch bags (you will need one bag for each student). You will also need gold wrapped candy such as Rolos, chocolate coins or Werther’s soft caramels which you will place in the traps for the students to find.
  • Write a page – If you caught a leprechaun, how would you spend the day with your new friend? Two versions of the writing pages are available: One where students create a drawing and write about it, and one where they write just what they see.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Hat to WearStudents can choose between 2 different options.

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We appreciate you checking out the item. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My Study Buddy

The leprechaun trap was a fun game! They sat under my desks before I left and they couldn’t wait until the following morning to check if the leprechaun had been caught. This was an amazing activity that our class enjoyed.

This bag is ideal for distance education. A lunch bag with gold coins and candy was sent to parents. After setting them up, they could not wait to take their lunch with them the next morning.


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