St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages | Interactive Coloring Sheets + Writing Prompts

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages | Interactive Coloring Sheets + Writing Prompts

Can be used for K – 7th students.

Includes: PDF, 19 pages

Art with Jenny K. is the originator of these innovative, engaging, add-a-pattern “interactive” coloring sheets. This set of “Pop Art-style” coloring sheets features a variety of St. Patrick’s Day images that make a great accompaniment to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. There are 4 interactive pages, 4 pattern-filled pages, and 4 writing prompts included in this St. Patrick’s Day activity – appropriate for all ages!

This set is but one of my collection of interactive coloring sheets. I have combined all the major holidays and seasons into a single BUNDLE that I have made available at substantial savings!

As an art teacher, artist, and lover of all things “artsy,” I am a big proponent of “art for art’s sake.” My “pop art” interactive coloring sheets are designed such that they can be used any time in your classroom for the sake of making art.

However, I am a teacher so I understand how hard-pressed classroom teachers are for time. You might not feel like you can give up precious lesson time to let the kids “color.” In that case, I suggest that you can use these interactive sheets as writing prompts. For example, after completing the coloring sheet for the leaves you could ask, “Why do you love your parents?” I have included writing prompts in this product for you to use.

And these are not just ordinary coloring sheets. As one of my Instagram followers said:

“I found that my 5th/6th graders come to me and because of the focus on testing, never played with color or design or patterns. Your products give them that opportunity and I’ve seen so much improvement in their attention to detail as well as noticing patterns, lines, etc. It’s so much more than ‘just coloring.'” ~E.D.

Students spend a lot of thought and consideration when deciding where the patterns will go in each design. Students also have to color small details which improves their fine motor skills which help with many things–handwriting being one example. If your students were to make several of these (along with writings as well) they would have a beautiful portfolio at the end of the year!

This is the first set includes each design in a pre-pattern filled design as well as the blank, interactive version. This is to allow you some room for flexibility with students that might otherwise struggle to add the patterns themselves. This also makes this product helpful to teachers from grades PreK-6th without having to buy two different products.

Testing is a part of life, as we know. So use these to start the brain in the morning before testing, or use them when students finish early so they have something creative to do after testing. I’ve even had teachers comment that these interactive coloring sheets are great to use with students when one-on-one conferencing is necessary to keep the other students engaged and busy.

If you love these sheets, I have collections for all holidays and occasions. I’ve also collected many of these into my Interactive Coloring sheets book for Holidays and Seasons with over 80 coloring pages. Just click HERE to view this book!

Teachers love these coloring sheets too and that’s why I made some just for teachers…they are free and can be found by clicking here.

I have many St. Patrick’s Day-themed items that I know your kids will love:

Thank you for making art with your students!

Jenny K.


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I used this resource for art class. The students really nejoyed it and it could be use with a lot of different levels and ages. Thank you!


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