Star Spangled Banner MEGA Activity Pack – Lesson Plans, Centers, Presentation

Star Spangled Banner MEGA Activity Pack - Lesson Plans, Centers, Presentation

Useful for the 2nd-5th
This is a common use for 3rd grade students.

Included: PDF, 62 Pages

You are looking for an innovative way to display the Star-Spangled Banner among your students? You have come to the right place! You will find everything in this pack! This pack is ideal for learning the national anthem of Francis Scott Key. Use it for Memorial Day and President’s Day as well as just because.

This resource contains:

  • LESSON PLANSYou can edit these lesson plans to suit your own needs. Standards are for Georgia GPS Music Standards in 3rd Grade. However, I included the National Music Standards K-4, and Core Arts Standards (3rd) for you to choose from. The lesson can be easily modified to fit a wide range of grade levels, by simply switching the activities.
  • Powerpoint PresentationThis will guide you through each lesson. These notes will help you on your journey. The lesson plans include slide numbers.
  • 27 Pages of STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND STUDENT ASESSMENTS – 27 PagesThere are many ways that students can be assessed. You have the option to pick and choose what items you want to share with students.

This PowerPoint guide guides students:

  • PRE-ASSESSMENTStudents are asked to write down their knowledge about the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • REVIEW EXAMPLESStudents can access safe-share links that provide authentic performance of the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • BEFORE SING …. Students will learn how to stand and act appropriately while listening or performing the National Anthem.
  • Sing along Student can also download mp3 and safe-share files to help them perform the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • WHERE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER Students will learn where and when the national anthem was first played.
  • HISTORY BEHIND SONGStudents will learn why Francis Scott Key wrote this song. It also includes a link for safe sharing to an amazing video that will amaze your students.
  • THE FLAGComparison of Francis Scott Key’s 1915 Flag and today’s flag
  • MEANING OF WORDSThis section provides a detailed overview of each verse and explains how they were originally performed.
  • BLANK SLIDE WITH MATCHING BACKGROUNDThis is for your personal use!


  • PRE-ASSESSMENTStudents are asked to write down their knowledge about the Star Spangled Banner.
  • LEARN ALONGStudents can read the Star Spangled Banner history and ask questions.
  • VOCABULARYStudents will be able to find synonyms of words from “The Star Spangled Banner.”
  • REWRITE THE WORDSThe Star Spangled Banner is a song that students will recite in their own words. (POSSIBLE CENTER!)
  • FILL IN THE BLANKStudents will complete the missing word from the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner.” (POSSIBLE CENTER!)
  • ADD THEM TO YOUR ORDER– Students use sentence strips to order the lyrics from “The Star Spangled Banner.”
  • “HELP! “HELP!” I’M DONE! “ACTIVITIESStudents can complete the wordsearch crossword puzzle or fill in the blank lyrics if they finish an earlier activity.
  • MY FAVORITE PLAYANCE IS LISTENINGStudents receive a range of different listening examples. They must choose which one they like best and why. Examples include both “good” or “bad” performance examples. (POSSIBLE CENTER!)
  • MY PERSONAL BANNERStudents can choose the colors and symbols they want to use for their banner (POSSIBLE-CENTER).
  • MINI-BOOK STAR SPANGLED BANCERThe students will create and color their own history and lyrics book.

You can download the preview to see all of the content in the resource.

The Patriotic Sing Along is a great companion to the unit.


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