*Starry Night Heist: 360 Digital Escape Room – Middle School Digital Escape Room

*Starry Night Heist: 360 Digital Escape Room - Middle School Digital Escape Room

This can be used to homeschool 7-12th graders
This is mainly used for 7th-grade students.

Includes PDF and 10 pages

This Starry Night Heist Escape room is full 360° escape room that introduces your students to Vincent Van Gogh and his art in a fun, engaging and interactive way. You will find Van Gogh artwork on the walls of this escape room. The mystery behind the missing masterpiece is unlocked when students solve five clues. My digital escape is here Breaking The Da Vinci Code

Click on the play button to open the digital escape rooms. The red button that opens the digital escape room is where students start. This sets up the game for students and provides the first clue that will help them solve their first lock. Five clues are needed to unlock five locks. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the game.

Some clues:

  • CLUE #1: MoMA Puzzle
  • CLUE #2 Van Gogh Self-Portraits Video
  • CLUE 3: Take the Quiz after you have listened to and read about Van Gogh’s painting.
  • CLUE: #4: Video: Van Gogh Atelier des Lumières show
  • CLUE #5: Find the solution/watch the video


  • Van Gogh Digital Wordsearch
  • 3D Bedroom Interactive at Arles
  • Video featuring surprising facts about Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
  • Van Gogh’s timetable
  • Google Earth allows you to explore real-life locations immortalized by Van Gogh’s paintings.

Why not teach it?

  • This is a great way to introduce students to Van Gogh’s art.
  • Encourages reasoning and logic.
  • These instructions include a key and an answer key for the teacher.
  • In escape, clues and how-to-play are included
  • Promoves collaboration, learning and reasoning.
  • Included is a student worksheet to help you take notes during your escape.
  • This tool is great in classrooms and can also be used to e-learn. All they have to do is post the link to their district platform so that the student can work on the mystery remotely.

Teacher Tip: Digital Escape Room Tips

CLICK HERE for a test of Thinglink, Genially, and other websites I use in my digital escapes on your school computer.You should always make sure that you are able to access the computer on which your student is using it!

Please verify that you are able to access these websites by visiting the link below. Before purchasing, you must verify that the links work.

©2019 A Space to Create. All rights are reserved. Sabrina Wingren designed the Environment Background, Concept and Game Play. Without permission, you may not alter, copy, distribute or transmit this escape room. You may not teach a lesson to make a profit on sites like outschool.


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