States of Matter Science Experiment | Root Beer Float Science

States of Matter Science Experiment | Root Beer Float Science

Useful for the 1st-5th
Most commonly used for 2nd-year students.

Included: PDF, 14 Pages

This Root Beer Float Experiment will teach you about the States of Matter! The science experiment is based on the scientific method and features picture support for those with special learning needs. It also includes an interactive observation book. The students will be able to create a Root Beer Float, discuss the States of Matter and make observations using the Five Senses. This science experiment will be a wonderful companion to States of Matter Units in elementary. This is an LOW-PREP/LOW-INK resource. All you need are clear cups and some ice cream!

It includes the following:

  • Science Packet with Picture Support
  • Interactive Flap Book of the Five Senses for Root Beer Float

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This activity was a great experience. I enjoyed sharing this science-based treat with my children. They were able to make connections between real life and the experiments.

This was a project that I and my students did at the end the school year. The day was immediately referred to as “the best ever”. This will be my go-to resource every year. Many thanks!


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