Stick Figure Statue Posters for Movement Activities in Music

Stick Figure Statue Posters for Movement Activities in Music

It can be used to teach K – 5th grades.

Includes PDF and 10 pages

Have you ever wondered how to make students listen to music they like? Are you looking for something to warm the students up and get them moving? One of my favorites is stick figure sculptures.

Stick figure sculptures can be used to teach elementary students how to move to any song. It can be used for classical music, Japanese pop, or even jazz music. The students take turns holding one of the cards. Students change their poses after a set number of beats, usually 4-8. Alter the frequency or let a student lead the change.

Students as young as 5th grade and kindergarten love this activity. You can use it to help students learn to move to music, especially at the beginning or middle of the academic year. It can be used as warm-up in middle and high school choirs (or children’s choirs).

Here are some other ways you can use them.


  • 10 Stick figure poses
  • Directions

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