Still Life Unit

Still Life Unit

This can be used by 6th-10th grade Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

This unit is perfect for middle and early high school students. The only thing you need is to purchase the materials. It can also be used for distance learning. The unit includes a PDF student pack that you can email to them and slides of the vocabulary.

Projet:A still life drawing of 3 to 5 objects. Completed with graphite pen.

This is what you get when you download the product

♦The Teacher’s Guide contains:

This is an example of a lesson plan for 6 classes periods, each lasting approximately 40 minutes.

Answer sheet


Here are some tips and suggestions to help you teach a great unit.

♦Notable Supply List

♦ Lesson Objectives

♦Handout for students containing:

– Vocabulary

– Vocab. Exercise

History of Still Life Article

Review questions to test students’ understanding

Step-by-Step Project Directions

– Self reflection

– Two Practice Exercises

– Grading Rubric

Checklist for students to ensure the project is as perfect as possible

♦Use this slide to show your students the vocab of the unit.

The suggested age range:It works well with students in middle school, and it also makes a great unit for young high school students. This unit would also be great for homeschool parents looking for art units for their middle- or high school students.

You can find the entire unit here if you are interested in teaching still life. Still Life Drawing Project

Note that if you buy this bundle you will also receive the project. You don’t need to order both. We are just trying to help you save a bit of money.


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A great starter kit to get you started in still-life drawing


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