Sub Plans Kindergarten

Sub Plans Kindergarten

Can be used for K
Mostly used with Kindergarten students.

Includes: PDF, 105 pages

This emergency sub plan kit has everything you need to ensure your school day runs smoothly while you’re gone. Planning for substitutes is more complicated than simply coming to work sick. You will be able to use this set without having to prepare. This includes activities for reading, writing and math.

Included in this 105 page download are printables, graphic organizers, and more that cover:

Classroom Management and Organization

• thank you notes

• procedures (lunch, recess, drinks, attendance, lining up, etc.)

• behavior management plan

• staff directory

• student directory

• student schedules

• classroom rules

• attention signals

• reliable students

• medical issues

• students to watch out for

• daily schedules

• notes for the teacher

Reading and Writing

• reading comprehension passages

• spelling with sight words (see, the, can, jump)

• alphabet sort (a/b, c/d, e/f)

• beginning sounds

• ending sounds

• letters in name

• capital to lowercase letter match

• finding sight words it, if, in

• one to one correspondence with 3 reading passages

• writing prompts (6 different prompts)


• ways to make a number

• number puzzles

• true or false with equations

• one more, one less within 10

• word problems (addition and subtraction within 10)

• making ten

• ten frames (one with 1-10 and one with teen numbers)

• addition with dice


• day and night printables

• parts of a flower

• flower needs

• comparing young/old or baby/parent plants and animals

Fun Stuff

• art pages

***EDITABLE FORMS: There are editable versions of the Classroom Management and Organization pages included so you can type directly onto the page!!***

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WOW – I loathe making sub plans and this is my dream come true 🙂

Wow! This is exactly what I needed! It’s a bargain with all these options. This list has so many options! I can’t wait to use the photocopier. I am so grateful for your help! Chrystine


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