Summer Kids Lemonade Stand Clip Art

Summer Kids Lemonade Stand Clip Art

It can be used to teach PreK-Grade 5th and Homeschool students.

Also includes: PDF and N/A

For summer projects, this bright and cheerful set of children surfing are ideal.

You will receive 39 high-quality image files, which includes 21 color images and 18 black & white images in 300dpi png.

The set also forms part of the larger Bits of Whimsy Clips collection: Bundle Summer Clip Art

This package includes:

Straw Lemonade

Strawberry pink lemonade

In glass lemonade

Glass of pink lemonade

A girl wearing a lemon shirt. (Can be behind a counter worker).

A boy wearing a lemon shirt. (Can be behind a counter worker).

Lemonade for boys

Lemonade for a girl

Bowl of lemons


Citrus with leaves

Lemon Slice

Lemon wedge

Blanket empty pitcher

Ice water and a pitcher

A pitcher of lemonade

Pink lemonade pitcher


Take a blank sign and stand

Sugar container

Blank sugar container


Summary of terms of use:

Conditions of use: You can use the clip art as a design element for educational commercial products. The password must prevent saving, copying or lifting images from a PDF file.

  • These images cannot be used to create clip art. Images must be secured within the resource and locked.
  • As long as the image does not contain paper, it is acceptable to use Paperless Resources in commercial products Flattened in slide background, not as a loose file.
  • The Standard License allows Boom Cards to be used as both moveable and not-moveable. The Standard License allows only Boom Cards to be used in a moveable capacity.
  • Use personal useImages can be used in activities, lessons, SMART boards, or PowerPoint lessons/activities. They are not to be sold or distributed. PowerPoint must have the images flattened in order to be used as a slide background.
  • Credit is needed for commercial purposes: Both commercial products and freebies require a Whimsy Cuts link. Link back using a link text or logo from the zip file.
  • Internet/Website/Blog Usage & Design: Images cannot be used in blog posts or on any website. This does not include teacher webpages, district websites, or school websites. This is prohibited.

You can read the entire TOU by clicking here

Terms and Conditions of Whimsy Clips Licensing Agreement


*** If you need MOVEABLE Clip Art for your projects please see Whimsy Clips The Bundle of Moveable Pieces and Paperless Resources includes a bundle And Bundle of Paperless Resources – Moveable Pieces TWO As well as any other elements of paperless design in the Digital Paperless Design Category. Google Slides allows only sets or bundles that are marked “Moveable Pieces”, “Moveable Clip Art” or “Moveable Clip Art” in the title to be used as movable pieces.™, PowerPoint. Keynote.


** Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. We are so grateful!

Original Illustrations © Whimsy Clips L.L.C.


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It’s perfect. We are grateful!

Ideal for summer!


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