Superhero Drama Circle

Superhero Drama Circle

Useful for the 4th-6th
Most commonly used for 6th through 8th grades.

Includes PDF and 11 pages

This Drama circle activity which has a Superhero topic follows a similar structure to the “I Have/Who Has” game. It’s a great activity for any occasion, including drama, morning meetings and reading fluency, as well as cooperative learning. Each card has a unique instruction. There are 40 cards. To perform the scenarios, students gather in a circle. After each student has finished acting out their card, the next person with the same sequence of cards starts acting out his/her card. This continues until all cards are acted.

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my kids would beg to do these! We loved them this year. It was also a great way to constructively fill some of those long afternoons during the last week of school. My boys even loved them. You can go wrong with any of them. I did a pirate theme this past year and boy did we roll laughing at that one. This coming year will be superheroes so this will kick off our first drama circle

The students’ eyes lit up when I showed them the cards! This year, I am teaching in-person, mostly boys and so I thought it was perfect. I did start them on-line (distance learning) (I showed the cards on my docucam) and while they participated, it was hard for me to monitor. I challenged them to think about more lines for female superheroesOr to edit the existing lines.


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