Swimming Fish Snack {States of Matter, Sequencing and How To Writing}

Swimming Fish Snack {States of Matter, Sequencing and How To Writing}

Useful for K – 2nd
Most commonly used for 1st-year students.

Included: PDF, 32 Pages

Are you looking for something to do with your beach or ocean unit that is fun and creative? This activity combines science and writing, with delicious treats!

You can enjoy delicious treats while you learn about scientific methods and how to write.

The product contains:

• simple science lab booklet to investigate states of matter while making a swimming fish treat.

• full page directions for easy display.

• visual direction sequencing cards in color and black and white.

• three different how to writing templates each with solid and primary lines.

Students will be able to:

• Follow procedures for making the treat.

• Predict outcomes and make a hypothesis.

• Document results and notice how the Jell-o changes from a liquid to a solid.

• Sequence steps in a process.

• Write to explain the steps in a process.

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This is amazing science fun. This was so much fun for my kids.

It was just what I needed. Dr. Seuss Week saw us focus on one book per day. We needed science activities for Red Fish and Blue Fish. My students enjoyed it and found it perfect!


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