T Shirt Book Report Project & Rubric Set | Book Report Project

T Shirt Book Report Project & Rubric Set | Book Report Project

Useful for the 3rd-5th
Most commonly used for 5th through 6th grades.

Includes PDF and 6 pages

You will find everything that you need in this set to grade and assign a book report. Fill in all the details and return the instructions along with the book report form and the scoring rubric. The students are required to choose a fictional book that they haven’t yet read, and then get their approval. Students should complete the book, and then decorate a shirt with photos and text about it. The story element book report includes the following information: title, author; characters; setting, problem and solution. You will need to bring your t-shirt with you to school to present the book project. Scoring rubric is provided. It assigns points to each component of the project as well as creativity and effort.

We are grateful for your consideration of my T-Shirt Book Report Project, and Rubric Set.

As a final activity in a novel research project, my students completed this task. The students were very excited to work on this and produced excellent results.

This project was a huge hit with my students! It was a great project that they were engaged in. The parents loved it as well, because I had sent it home. I was blown away by the creative t-shirts that resulted from this project.


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