Tasty Treats Drawing Guide

Tasty Treats Drawing Guide

It can be used by 3rd through 12th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 14 Pages

Drawing can be as easy as pie, literally. Inspired by American artist Wayne Thiebaud, the man most famous for his cake paintings, you too can learn how to draw delicious sweet treats. You will find 9 types of desserts in this guide. These include donuts (ice cream), lollipops (pies), cupcakes, lollipops and ice cream. These steps are simple and easy to follow. With this guide, anyone can create something delicious! 


This PDF is 14 pages long and measures 8.5×11″.

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Key words: Wayne Thiebaux. Guided drawing. Food. Doodle.

Ok, so I might have bought this resource to have these drawing guides. To add fun to the persuasive writing assignment, I used this resource. Each student had to choose which dessert they preferred. We then posted the students’ writing next to their drawings. It was delicious!

This was used to draw pie shapes to go along with a Pi Day lesson. I look forward to more uses. The simple directions were very popular with students. They were able to be creative.


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