Tessellation Project Art In Math End of the Year Activity

Tessellation Project Art In Math End of the Year Activity

Useful for the 5th through 9th grades
This is a popular choice for 6th- and 7th grade students.

Also includes: PDF

Are you looking for an end-of-the year math project that also links in with Art? It is an all-time student favourite! Students can show their creativity while getting through the final weeks before break.

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This is a fun and easy way to bring Art and Math together! The file contains.pdf slides that will show students how to create an image to tessellate. This file will also be available for students. There are three optionsCreate an image you want to tessellate. Every step of each process is shown in real photos! This activity is great for the end of year or to extend a Transformations Unit using translations or rotations.

The following resources are available:

  • Teachers Instructions and Tips
  • For THREE methods, PDF slides with actual pictures can be used to aid instruction
  • Teachers Instructions and Tips on Ceiling Tiles
  • Students Instructions and Grading Rubric
  • Editable Student Instructions and Grading Rubric
  • There are many student-made examples of final product

You have several options for how to use this resource

Students can use this bulletin board display to showcase their creative ideas. You could do it with your teacher of art. I love the idea of having students create this project with ceiling tiles. This makes an excellent art display with math that you can bring to your classroom.

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It is my passion to work on tessellation projects. Distance learning makes it possible for me and students from home to finish them.

It was so easy to teach this concept! This means there is no guesswork and you don’t have to try to show how everything fits together. It’s worth every cent.


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