Thanksgiving Visual Recipes for Special Education

Thanksgiving Visual Recipes for Special Education

This can be used to help PreK-12th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 29 Pages

This visual recipe and worksheet makes it simple to practice and teach cooking skills while having a Thanksgiving Feast with your family!

You can still make these delicious recipes even if you only have a microwave, fridge and a slow cooker. For those who have a fully equipped kitchen, additional recipes will be included.

You will find recipes to:

Green Bean Casserole (microwave/oven)

-Mashed Potatoes in the Microwave or on the Stovetop

-Gravy is a microwave and stovetop cooking liquid.

-Stuffing the microwave and stovetop

-Turkey Ham in a Crockpot

-Pumpkin Pie, no bake or oven

Every recipe comes with:

Visual Recipe: The one-page visual recipe can be used by visual learners.

Review/QuizThere are two levels. 1: symbol supported 2: text

These are some special Thanksgiving resources:

Visual Shopping List

Note to parents regarding parent donation (food)

Thanksgiving Feast Review worksheets

*These are NOT make-from-scratch recipes! Most of these are made from common boxed products to make the classroom Thanksgiving experience more manageable.*


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I am so thrilled for the Thanksgiving Feast. I love the many ways you can cook these recipes. I find them easy enough for moderate students to make semi-independently. We are grateful! This is a wonderful resource at a fantastic price.

This recipe was used to help students prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. The product was great and allowed students to be more independent in creating the meals. It also offers a wide range of shopping options with different choices.


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