The Carnival of the Animals- Camille Saint-Saëns: A Guided Listening Unit

The Carnival of the Animals- Camille Saint-Saëns: A Guided Listening Unit

It can be used to teach K-8th.

Included: PDF, 184 Pages

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This resources is a guided listening unit for The Carnival of the Animals by French composer, Camille Saint-Saëns.

Types of Files Included:

  • PowerPointIncluded all slides that contain all of the below information. Pick and choose the slides that you wish to use. Additional slides include text boxes. Installation help and font information included.
  • Ready-to-go PDFA file in which I’ve selected slides that I want to use. You will need to prepare this file once you are done.

The Covered Information

  • Short biography of Camille Saint-Saëns
  • Description of the piece in a short description
  • Each movement has its own instrument scoring slide
  • Slides on Characteristics to explain why each movement sounds like the featured animal

Additional Features

  • The movement title pages can be arranged in four different ways.
  • En Français titles
  • SafeShareTV-linked video clips (clickable links) There are no audio/videos included in the file.(*()Information about “armonica”, the glass harmonica
  • Accommodations to accommodate differences in classifications and titles. Example: “birds” rather than “aviary”, classifying the piano a keyboard instrument instead of grouping it with percussion instruments.

SafeShareTV uses YouTube links to remove distractions like autoplay and related videos. It is recommended that students use a safe-viewer in class.

Additionally, I made sure that the video clips were edited to remove any unwanted beginnings (such as applause). This allows you to get straight to the music once you have clicked the link.Click the button below to check if SafeShareTV is available at your institution.


Lacrimosa/Hello, Piano Guys Lacrimosa/The piano Guys LacrimosaSafeShareTV, YouTube and YouTube are not required to use this activity. You just need to delete the examples from the slides and make your own audio.


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