The Keith Haring Art Project

The Keith Haring Art Project

It can be used to teach 1st-12th, higher education, adult education, homeschooling, and staff students.

Includes PDF and 83 pages

The Powerpoint presentation contains 83 slides, and more images about Haring. From his early years drawing in the New York subways, and his monumental murals, to the whimsical offerings at his “Pop Shop”, this presentation includes a bio, and much of his signature work. Students will learn about Keith Haring’s life and be inspired to make their own Keith Haring-style work using bold contour lines and action marks. For students younger than 12 and for special learners, a cutout of a moving person is provided. Students are encouraged to create a “scene” or “theme” for their figures complete with visual movement, figure/ground relationship, and color scheme. I’ve used this lesson with 2nd graders, high school students, special needs learners and more, and each time the results are amazing and the enthusiasm it high. I trust you’ll enjoy this all-inclusive look at Haring, his work and the possibilities for working in his signature style. Enjoy!

-Bo, The Art Guru

His work is excellent. We found some images which were not appropriate and we just deleted them.

This purchase was made for my daughter, but I forgot to bring her art supplies. The cut pieces were great for making moving characters. They were also very easy to locate so she never fell behind in class.


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