The Reindeer Hoedown

The Reindeer Hoedown

Can be used for K – 3rd, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, N/A

Holiday: Winter & Christmas Song

Hoedown – a social gathering at which lively folk dancing takes place

Reindeer Hoedown – (see above) add reindeer!

This song is a favorite of students. This was a tradition that we did with many classes over many years. This song is also a hit at the annual Christmas show or event for parents, just like “I Am a Christmas Elf”. If you can get some parents to join in the fun, it’s great!

This is great for K-3rd grade students, as well, older students who enjoy singing, dancing, and having fun (drama classes, too). This dance will be a hit with homeschoolers and EFL/ESL learners. Get out there and start cutting some rug.

What you get with this purchase:

– an MP3 file of “The Reindeer Hoedown”

– PDF of the lyrics

– online instructional video on how to dance and gesture to the song:

If your kids already love to sing and dance to “The Reindeer Hoedown” then check out the KARAOKE version in our store and let them sing without the recorded vocals. Find it in our store here:

Thanks!! You will love it!

Fun song!

Get it!

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