“There’s No Place Like MUSIC” Advocacy Bulletin Board: Printables and Directions

"There's No Place Like MUSIC" Advocacy Bulletin Board: Printables and Directions

It can be used by PreK-12th grade students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

You want to redesign your bulletin boards but don’t know what you should do? The set includes printables and directions to help you set up an Oz-inspired bulletin board inside or outside your music room. This would make a great music advocacy board for Kansas Day in January and Music in our Schools Month in April .

They are adorable and very eye-catching. You can find them in the hallway right outside of my bedroom so your kids can see and read them each time they go “home”.

The bulletin board set you have is adorable! It is so cute! I like the graphic, colors and quotes. I appreciate your kind words! It would be nice to have the “There’s not a place like” letters printed out so that I wouldn’t have had to cut them. But, other than that, I’m very pleased with the result!


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